The appearance of the casino is truly admired and associated with the word expensive. Its user-friendly interface and stunning graphics give the impression of being in a real casino. On the lobby page you can see all the important sections, including game rules and casino news. It’s nice that Casino Grand has developed a series of special desktop wallpapers for its visitors, which can be downloaded for free.

Play Casino Grand online

The manufacturer of the gaming platform for Grand Casino is Globo. The casino menu is translated into three languages – Russian, English and Ukrainian.

Players have the opportunity to download the casino to their hard drive, as well as play in the flash version. For customers who do not want to part with their favorite institution even on the road, manufacturers have prepared a mobile version. In addition, Casino Grand has its own forum, where players can exchange views and share their experiences.

Slot machines in Casino Grand

The casino offers its visitors to play for both real and virtual money. The latter option is usually used by beginners who want to learn about games with minimal losses. In this online casino 22 games, which include: roulette, Black Jack, Oasis poker, Russian poker, casino machines, Keno, video poker, etc.

Before you start the game, better acquaint yourself with its rules. In some games they are different from those common in other online casinos.

  • For example, roulette has a feature that is pleasant to the player.
  • When you fall out of the gray, the player does not burn out, and move on to the next round.
  • For the game of Russian poker introduced a rule according to which the player has the opportunity to see his cards in the open on four boxes.
  • Black Jack is played by the classic rules of real, not virtual casinos. In the casino Grand visitors have the opportunity to play multiplayer games.
  • These include Oasis Poker, Roulette, Black Jack and Russian Poker. For fans of casino games machines manufacturers have developed a unique slot Eastern Express, which has 21 paylines.


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